Intelligent Investing™

bringing your financial plan to life

Your Wealth

Owning a diversified portfolio of assets over time is a proven strategy for building your wealth.

Your Purchasing Power

Preserving the purchasing power of your money is critical for funding your future lifestyle.

Your Goals

Staying invested is a proven way of meeting long-term goals, like maximising your retirement income.

What is Intelligent Investing™?

The roots of our investment programme come from investment theory and academia drawn from the work and research of three Nobel Prize winners. 

We often refer to the way we invest as a ‘systematic’ or ‘evidence-based’ approach. It is a disciplined, rules-based, and unemotional approach to investing.

What are our core investment principles and beliefs?

In a systematic approach, returns come predominantly from markets, not from fund manager skill. 

Investing in a broadly diversified portfolio where costs are controlled and kept to a minimum is at the very heart of our investment approach.

How do we build our clients' portfolios?

Building portfolios for our clients requires research, due diligence and a healthy dose of common sense.

Our investment process is a three-stage model, which we’ve been running successfully for over 10 years. 

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Intelligent Investing

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