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Charles Riches

About Me

My team and I love helping people make the big decisions in life – the ones which change everything!

Selling a business, retiring, giving money to the next generation, or supporting friends, wider family or making an impact in the community. Life is full of choices and complexity. Together with Tom and Olivia, my job is to make the complicated, simple – and ensuring it stays that way!

About the TEAM

  • 80 Private Client Families
  • Manages £125M
  • 16 Trusts
  • Advising since 1999
  • Joined Capital in 2006
Phased Retirement
Legacy Planning
Investment Planning
Scenario Modelling
Behavioral Finance
  • Clients with creative, media or financial services backgrounds.
  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners that have recently sold a business or planning to.
  • Typically have £2m+ in pensions, cash & investments.

The Team

Tom & Olivia complete Charles’ Wealth Management Team to ensure the day-to-day needs of our clients are met.

Tom Wigan

Associate | Chartered Financial Planner | Fellow

Olivia Clarke


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Charles Riches

The Unappreciated Investment Risk

There are two distinct stages in an investor’s financial planning lifetime. The first requires you to squirrel away money for the future, hoping to benefit from the magic of compounding returns. We call this the “savings stage”. At retirement, the investor transitions to the “spending stage” of life. From this

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Olivia Clarke
Capital News
Olivia Clarke

From Amazon to Capital: Introducing Olivia

As I reflect on my first few weeks at Capital, I thought it would be useful to introduce myself and share my story as I come from a background that is not the typical route into the finance industry! I studied at the University of Leeds and graduated in 2019

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Charles Riches

Cash – the Magic formula – Part II: The Options

In Cash Part I – The Magic Formula – we looked at how much cash you should hold by introducing three simple, tried, and tested rules designed to help protect you in an emergency, to ensure you can meet short term commitments and for those who are withdrawing from their

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