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Know Your Plan

Future Map™

Your own personalised family financial roadmap. A detailed financial life plan using sophisticated forecasting software that allows us to model your ideal future lifestyle.

Your Future Map pulls together all aspects of your money, your family and your life aspirations. It examines what a life well-lived looks like for you and ensures that your resources are structured in the best way and optimised to ensure you maximise your Return on Life as well as your Return on Investment.

True Wealth is knowing you can secure your family’s future.

Our proprietary financial forecasting process

Capital Asset Management Financial Plan

Until we know about you, your family, your values, what makes you tick, what you want for yourself and your loved ones – we haven’t earned the right to talk about your money. This is base camp and a vital first step.

Establishing your family’s financial North Star.

An intelligent framework to allow you to make smart choices for your family’s future security.

Secure Your Portfolio

When it comes to investment management, every investment manager’s got an opinion and a nice colourful chart with an upward sloping graph from bottom left to top right!

That’s why as an independent business with no products or funds of our own we have created an investment proposition founded on rigorous academic evidence. Our philosophy is based on empirical, Nobel prize-winning research, not from the fund groups who have a vested interest in selling their products to the public. In our opinion, there is no smarter or more intelligent way to manage your money and the performance numbers prove it.

True Wealth is knowing your money is being deployed intelligently.

Our intelligent investment strategy.

Capital Asset Management Portfolio

Focus on capital preservation and optimised to power your Plan/FutureMap.

Low costs, greater returns for you.

Consistently amongst best-performing portfolios in the market – with data to back that up (facts not fairytales – science not guesswork).

Your Partners

Wealth Planner

No one has achieved great things alone and some of the most successful people have surrounded themselves with a team of world-class professionals to support them.

We have assembled a team of experts who have years of experience in solving the unique problems faced by people just like you.

True Wealth is knowing that you have a partner you can trust.

Your wealth planning network

Capital Asset Management Partner

A unique blend of technical expertise and coaching skills.

Your personal accountability coach to guide you in an uncertain landscape.

Your family’s own Trusted Adviser. The team of professionals who understand you and your unique circumstances more than anyone outside your family.

Value-Based Retainer Fees

Most wealth managers charge fees as a percentage of your investment portfolio – the larger your investment portfolio, the more you pay in fees.

For example, an investor with a £1 million portfolio could pay 10x the fees that an investor with £100,000 pays, as the fee is calculated as a simple percentage of your portfolio.

To give you some context, the average annual fee in the UK is 2.18% *, so an investor with £1m pension portfolio could expect to pay £21,800 each year for investment and wealth planning.

By contrast, our fees are based on how complex your finances are and the value added. They start from £500 per month and increase depending on the complexity of your situation and the value created.

In addition to our fees, you can expect to pay fees to the third-party investment managers and custodians we recommend as part of your financial planning strategy.

Pulling all this together and providing a comparison in percentage terms, you can expect to pay between 0.5% and 1.7% for everything. An important aspect is that our retainer model only increases in line with inflation, whereas the adviser percentage model increases in line with market returns, which tend to be much higher.

Over your investment time horizon, this will save you a significant amount and ensure you retain more of your hard-earned wealth.

This is not about being cheap; it’s about providing tangible value in a modern, transparent way.

You can watch this short video to learn more about the challenges of percentage-based fees.

*LangCat market analysis report 2020

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