Trust Planning Capital Asset Management
Graham McCulley

An important update about trusts

For some, the word trusts conjure up thoughts of super-rich families trying to protect their money, but in fact, many of us use trusts in our routine financial planning. The most used trusts are will

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Pensions in 60 Seconds
Elliot Smith

Pensions in 60 seconds

A lot of people hear ‘pension’ and think pipe, slippers and old age. While people do often access their pension in old age, they are much more than the first image that pops into our

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Capital Asset Management Future Map
Alan Smith

Do you want to be rich or wealthy?

My Mother-in-law, Angela is retired and lives in a comfortable apartment in the Home Counties. Her total income is around £26,000 a year, made up of various pensions and modest drawings from a small investment

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Early Retirement, Capital Asset Management
Don Fraser

Can you afford to retire early?

Let me begin with the motivation for retiring early, which neatly fall into two main camps: What are you running away from? – a bad boss, a boring and repetitive job, the too-long commute, low pay, or

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Plan Portfolio Partner - Capital Asset Management London, Independent Financial Planner
Alan Smith

Why is wealth management so last century?

“21st-century kids are being taught by 20th-century adults, using the 19th-century curriculum on an 18th-century calendar.’ Tom Hierck, Education Consultant Having their kids home-schooled for several months during lockdown gave many parents a rare close-up

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Nick Heath

The hidden value of great financial planning

“There is no greater happiness than freedom from worry, and there is no greater wealth than contentment”. Even now almost 2,500 years later everyone still worries about money, what the future may hold, and the

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