Graham McCulley

No IFS, no buts, the tax collector is coming…

Way back in March 2023, before our gloriously changeable British summer, Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt set out his plans the abolish the pension ‘lifetime allowance’.  This was met with welcome noises from pension savers and pensioners

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UK Mini Budget September 2022
George Barbov

The Mini Budget Explained

As we all know by now, the new Chancellor announced his “Mini Budget” about a week ago and we’ve witnessed how this managed to blow up the markets. Kwasi Kwarteng, is known for his doctoral

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Elliot Smith

Why IHT is not such a big deal after all

Inheritance tax (IHT) receipts for 2021/22 in the UK were £6.1 billion. Overall, the UK government collected £915 billion in 2021/22 in public sector receipts, therefore inheritance tax made up less than 1% of overall

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