Someday… maybe one day?

I will... Someday!

Someday I will eat healthier, so I lose those few kilos I need to.

Someday I will start having a few alcohol-free nights to give my system a rest.

Someday I will quit smoking.

Someday I will start that exercise program I committed to do years ago.

Someday I will go and see my doctor about “that issue” I have been ignoring.

Someday I will join the rest of my family for an evening stroll along the river and feel the luckiest person in the world.

Someday I will surprise my partner and cook for them, to make them feel as special as they are.

Someday I will get back from work in time to read my children a bedtime story.

Someday I will attend my children’s sport day.

Someday I will have told everyone I love that I love them.

Someday I will start saying no more often.

Someday I will turn my work phone off when I am not at work.

Someday I will try and find some me-time.

Someday I will be less stressed.

Someday I will have a safer password on my PC.

Someday I will look properly at my insurances rather than let them auto-renew.

Someday I will arrange life insurance so if I die my family is protected.

Someday I will set up income protection so if I can’t earn, I won’t lose my house.

Someday I will clear my credit card and stop moving my debt from one card to another.

Someday I will sort my direct debits and stop wasting money on needless subscriptions.

Someday I will have a rainy day fund.

Someday I will talk to someone about my money worries and bad money habits.

Someday I will start saving for my future.

Someday I will start investing for my children’s future.

Someday I will know what my pension income is predicted to be.

Someday I will ensure all my investments and pensions are professionally managed.

Someday I will have Powers of Attorney, so my family doesn’t suffer even more if I am incapacitated.  

Someday I will write my Will, so if I die, I do not leave a right mess behind.

Someday I will start donating to charity and volunteer.

Someday I will master my favourite hobby.

Someday I will tick important things off my bucket list.

Someday I will look at a past photo and say, “you looked good!”

Someday I will have my last day.

The promises you make to yourself are just as important as the promises you make to others. What are your Somedays?

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