The Value in Unlocking Your Adviser’s “Black Book”

Adiser's black book

Where I live it’s near impossible to find a great builder who is reliable and good value. The same goes for a plumber, car mechanic, or even a dentist!

So, when a friend or neighbour shares a positive experience, I make sure to secure the contact details for a time that I might need them. After all, personal recommendations and experiences are more valuable than a random Google search.

It recently dawned on me that we have our own version of a ‘secret black book’ of key contacts at Capital but haven’t talked about it much.

A couple of recent examples come to mind.

1. Our client, James*, mentioned that he had valuable artwork at home, but the premium quoted to insure it was so excessive he was considering taking a chance and leaving it uninsured. 

So, we put James in touch with a specialist private client insurance broker that we know well and who has helped some of our other clients. The broker, Sam, then travelled to meet James at home to review the artwork and other valuables. Sam went away, spoke with a specialist insurance company (unavailable to the public directly) and came back with a quotation.

James was delighted to find that the quote was lower than the one he had been given by his current insurer – which excluded the valuable artwork.
Result – a happy and well-insured client.

2. David and Sarah* had always dreamed of buying a holiday home in a location in Spain that their family had been going to for years. The dream property eventually came on the market, but they had to move quickly.

They called us and we were able to connect them with a Spanish property lawyer (with an office in London) who acted on their behalf throughout the transaction.

The property purchase meant converting a considerable sum from Sterling to Euros to complete the purchase. We suggested speaking with an alternative company that may be able to offer a better exchange rate than the one their bank had offered.

We put them in touch with a specialist Foreign Exchange (FX) broker that we have known for many years. The terms the broker offered were so much better than the bank’s, resulting in thousands of pounds saved.

As a result, David and Sarah decided to fly their entire family out for the housewarming party!

Now that they have a significant asset in Spain, we suggested that they should consider a Spanish will, as the law particularly around property differs from the UK. 

Once again, we were able to put them in contact with a reputable Spanish family law practice to ensure that their paperwork was in good order.

Our network 

of trusted professionals carefully curated over the years includes:

  • Mortgage specialist – including Buy to Let, and holiday homes
  • Private Medical Insurance (BUPA etc) advisers 
  • Lawyers for estate planning, wills and trusts
  • Lawyers for family issues, divorce and probate.
  • Tax advisers – complex issues in the UK and overseas.
  • Accountants for routine tax compliance, personal and company.
  • Insurance specialists – for your home, vehicle, and company.
  • Business coaching and personal development
  • Travel, accommodation, and flights.

We’ve even been asked to help with prestige car purchases and financing the purchase of a helicopter! So, if you have a need from time to time for some specialist help or advice, be sure to ask your Financial Planner. He may have just the right contact in his little black book. 

Oh, and if you do know a good builder, send them my way, please!

* The client names have been changed

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2 thoughts on “The Value in Unlocking Your Adviser’s “Black Book””

  1. Avatar

    very interesting
    It would be great to have the name of the specialist artwork insurer and also specialist travel advice.
    many thanks

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