You Need to Do It Now

you need to do it now

I’ve always loved the sport of rugby. I played throughout my time at school and college, occasionally captained the team and still love to watch the game, especially international matches.

So, I’m currently relishing the Rugby World Cup with the best teams from across the globe, all competing for the chance to win the coveted trophy. The tournament is being held in France and I’ve been lucky enough to secure a ticket to see my home country, Scotland take on the world’s number-one team, Ireland on October 7th.

The match kicks off at 9 pm local time in the famous Stade de France in Paris. The stadium will be packed with 80,000 Scottish and Irish fans and the winner takes all. The loser of the match will be out of the tournament and the winner will march on to the quarter-final.

The atmosphere will be absolutely electric and there is simply no substitute for experiences like it, especially for sports fans. It’s a ‘bucket list’ experience and I can’t wait.

I’ve been reflecting further on the event and my forthcoming trip to France. The Rugby World Cup is played every four years and I’m in my fifties (how did that happen?!). To put it in rugby terms, I’m well into the second half of my life game and time’s running out!

As it comes around every 4 years, hopefully, I’ll be around and able to attend another 8 or 9 tournaments, assuming I manage to live to be 90.

However, the tournament usually alternates between the northern and southern hemispheres, with every other one played in countries like New Zealand and Australia.

I’m not sure if I’d travel that far to watch a match, and so, perhaps I’ve only got the chance to see another 3 or 4 tournaments closer to home.

Reflecting further, I’m unlikely to want to squeeze into crowded stadiums when I’m in my late 70s or 80s and so realistically I’ve only got three more opportunities to attend a Rugby World Cup in person, savour the atmosphere, enjoy the company of friends and witness a classic sporting event in real life.

Only three!

My favourite ever blog post is written by Tim Urban and called The Tail End. In it, he breaks down the average human experience into years, months, weeks, and days, using an ambitious 90-year lifespan.

He explains that he enjoys swimming in the ocean but only does it once a year and so has a finite number of swims left. He reads about five books a year and so will only ever read a limited number. He needs to be more selective about the books he chooses to read.

Poignantly he calculates the realistic number of days he will spend with his parents before they pass. It’s a sobering calculation and reminds us that every day is precious. Every hour, every second.

Study after study shows that we all get more enjoyment when we spend our hard-earned money on experiences rather than ‘stuff;’

That new gadget or shiny car might give you a fleeting thrill, but it won’t create lasting happiness like the memories you’ll make, the adventures you’ll have, and the stories you’ll tell. 

The takeaway here is straightforward: time is slipping away, so use it wisely. 

Instead of drowning in the daily grind, worrying over the news, or obsessing over material stuff, start building a library of memories.

 “Someday” has a habit of turning into “never,” so don’t wait. 

Take that dream holiday, even if it means venturing out of your comfort zone. Hang out with your people; treat every gathering like it’s a World Cup final—minus the bruises, of course.

Life’s a juggling act between responsibilities and pleasures, but remember, time’s not waiting around. As the years roll on, your ability and desire to seize the day might wane. 

Yet, the memories you create and the experiences you treasure will stay with you and your family forever

In a nutshell, Tim Urban’s “The Tail End” is a wake-up call about the limited time we’ve got. The Rugby World Cup, with its four-year reminder, drives home the point that life’s experiences are like tickets to a show that won’t run forever.

So, here’s the deal: reflect on your own “tail end.” Think about the precious moments you’ve got left with your tribe and the adventures you’ve yet to undertake. Don’t wait for the stars to align; make your own magic moments. 

Invest in experiences because they’re the only thing you spend money on that makes you richer. It’s never too late to start collecting extraordinary moments.

Check in with your Financial Planner at Capital, update your numbers and start making plans.

Fingers crossed for Scotland, but regardless, it’s going to be a fun experience and will keep me going until the next tournament in 4 years!

“Precious time is slipping away

You know you’re only king for a day

It doesn’t matter to which God you pray

Precious time is slipping away”

Van Morrison

Thank you for giving me some of your precious time to read this post. 

Now go and do something you enjoy..

PS  If you haven’t read it, I urge you to immediately read The Long Tail by Tim Urban of Wait but Why.

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