How proactive tax planning can help power you to a rewarding retirement.

Tax, Retirement-Ready

Are you proactive or reactive when it comes to your taxes?

Although you have a lingering feeling that you might be paying more than you need to and could be taking advantage of some punchy government allowances, you never quite find the time.

This low-level financial anxiety loop is something we call The Retirement TRAPP and where the five key components (Tax, Risk, Asset Fees, Portfolio, Planning) are set to sub-optimal.

In this missive, we are focussed on the first of the five:


Consider these questions:

  • Are you taking advantage of all government tax exemptions and reliefs?
  • Have you reviewed your exposure to the Lifetime Allowance?
  • Do you position your investments in a tax-conscious manner?

Too often, we meet with people that have done a great job of accumulating assets & saving money. But because their investment planning isn’t integrated with any financial planning or tax management approach, they’re missing out on opportunities staring them in the face.

Over 55% of people completing our test have no proactive tax planning strategies in place. Why?

Having advised hundreds of individuals and families over the years we observe that proactive tax planning draws the same emotion as putting the bins out – and yet, only one of these options gets you paid and retirement-ready.

Here are just four brilliant benefits of proactive tax planning:

  • Save Money Today – only pay your fair share
  • Reduce future taxation – aka maximise your after-tax rate of return
  • Create plan flexibility – be sure you’re not locking yourself into a single tax vehicle.
  • Reduce policy risk – limits the degree to which your money is subject to increasing taxes in the future.

Combining financial planning, tax planning, and investment management has the capacity to materially change peoples lives for the better.

Take control of your own future by taking the first step. If you would like to find out how, you can book an initial 15-minute call with me here.

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