We are proud to present FileSafe™ Capital Asset Management

At Capital, our clients’ financial security is at the heart of everything we do.

We constantly innovate to enhance the way we communicate and share important and confidential documents with our clients. So, we are proud to present FileSafe™, which is a secure cloud-based storage and file-sharing platform to enable us to share confidential documents and communicate with our clients and third-party professionals in a highly secure way. All documents are encrypted when hosted on FileSafe™.

It’s very easy to use, giving our clients the reassurance that their documents are safe and accessible to them at any time, anywhere in the world. FileSafe™ provides our clients with their own online library where they can store personal papers such as banking, investments, tax, wills, legal documents and keepsakes. Helping clients to declutter and get organised, and have secure and easy access to their most important documents whenever they need them. Best of all, there are no extra costs to any of our clients, because we have included FileSafe™  in all of our services.

Here are a few of the special benefits of FileSafe™

Anytime, Anywhere
Keep all important documentation to hand even when on the move without the hassle of paperwork. Instantly access and share personal and professional documents anytime and anywhere.
Peace of mind
FileSafe™ alleviates the risk of losing irreplaceable important documents in the case of fire, burglary or flood. Data is hosted in the UK with the highest level of security, so clients will have constant peace of mind.
Digital Legacy
Keep all affairs in order in a safe and accessible place for future generations. Records of insurance policies and family wills can be stored securely in case of an unfortunate event, avoiding unnecessary stress for loved ones.
Save time
No longer any need to search through piles of paper or even hundreds of files for documentation. This eco-friendly cloud stores all documents in one conveniently located online space and is word-searchable.

If you have any questions regarding FileSafe™ give us a call on 020 7398 6600.

We hope you love FileSafe™ as much as we do.

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